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Busch Stadium Proposal in St. Louis, Missouri | Josie + McKenna


A stunning same sex couple shares a proposal on the home plate of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO.

When Josie told me she was going to surprise McKenna with a Busch Stadium proposal in St. Louis, Missouri, I could barely contain my excitement.

I’ve known Josie and McKenna for years through the sorority we were in together (Alpha Chi Omega!) in college at the University of Arkansas. Josie and McKenna met through our sorority (you can read their story here in their Dancing With Her feature!), and when they finally went on their first date together in 2019, it was to watch a Cardinals v. Dodgers baseball game at, you guessed it, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. Creating the most full-circle, nostalgic proposal, Josie knew she wanted to propose to McKenna on home plate the night before the same Cardinals v. Dodgers game years later.

I had the pleasure of documenting their entire weekend, starting with their intimate proposal in the stadium, followed by a private dinner on home plate with their family, a surprise after-party at the hotel with their closest friends waiting to celebrate, and even a luxury brunch the next morning before the game. It was such a perfect example of what full weekend photography coverage looks like—I get to document the experience from start to finish without worrying about counting hours, which creates the most beautiful, complete story for your photo gallery and allows so much more breathing room for those precious candid, authentic moments to unfold naturally in front of my lens.

The way Josie and McKenna’s families and friends welcomed me in to celebrate right alongside them was truly one of the most touching experiences. Sharing dinner with them on home plate in the empty stadium while fireworks went off in celebration was definitely a “pinch me” moment, and one I’ll never forget. I felt so honored to be seated at that table with them, and that’s such a parallel to the way I feel when I’m entrusted to photograph any life event, especially weddings. I’m so honored and grateful to bear witness to some of life’s most precious moments, and that’s my favorite part of this job. I’ll never get over that.

Their love is tangible, and the support of their friends and family is genuinely something that can bring me to tears, I just couldn’t love them or their story together more.

If you’re interested in hosting a proposal, dinner, or other event at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, you can find more information here!

Traveling for photography is one of my absolute favorite ways to document love stories. If you’re planning a proposal or wedding, reach out! I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming up.

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